Bed and Breakfasts in India Case Study

For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, bed and breakfasts offer a unique and serene experience. A bed and breakfasts, or B&B, is a small establishment that provides overnight accommodation in the guest’s home, typically with breakfast served in the morning and other amenities common to hotels included as well.

With so many amazing B&Bs throughout India, it can be hard to choose which one to stay at during your next trip abroad!

What is a Bed and Breakfasts?

A bed and breakfast, or B&B, is a type of lodging usually provided by a private individual, as opposed to a commercial establishment. The term bed and breakfasts (B&B) typically refers to smaller establishments that offer overnight accommodation and breakfast, although it can also sometimes refer to larger family-run hotels.

A bed and breakfasts establishment is generally cheaper than a hotel. Bed and Breakfasts in India

Bed & breakfasts are often owner-operated; bed & breakfasts may be located in residential areas or mixed with other uses. Bed and breakfasts are found around the world, but they are particularly widespread in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Latin America.
During your stay at a bed & breakfast you will be able to experience first hand what it’s like to live like a local!

The History of B&Bs

Bed and breakfasts, or B&B, is a popular accommodation choice all over Europe. The concept actually originated in 19th-century England as a way for travelers to stay at someone’s home.

By renting out a bed (hence bed & breakfast) you also get free meals! In India, where hospitality is an integral part of daily life, B&Bs are now an incredibly popular option for both local tourists and foreign travelers looking to learn more about Indian culture.

To help guide your search for a great place to stay with excellent service (and great food!), we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite bed & breakfasts across seven Indian states. Bed & Breakfasts in India

How To Choose A Bed And Breakfast

While bed-&-breakfast lodging is most commonly associated with European vacations, there are plenty of excellent B&Bs around the world. In some areas, staying at a B&B is one of your only options for affordable accommodation.

If you’re planning a trip to an area where accommodations are typically booked well in advance, or where hotels are few and far between, a bed-and-breakfasts might be just what you need.

Here’s how to choose one: Stay near town: Many travelers worry about being too isolated when they stay at a bed-&-breakfast. The truth is that many bed-&-breakfasts are located within walking distance of restaurants, museums and other attractions.

You can even find several online directories listing bed-and-breakfasts by location so that you can search by zip code or city name. Don’t assume all B&Bs have breakfast: The term bed & breakfast doesn’t always mean that guests will get a full cooked breakfast each morning.

Some properties offer continental breakfasts instead, which usually means cereals, breads and pastries. Ask about meals before booking if having a full cooked breakfast is important to you; otherwise ask whether there’s anywhere nearby where you can grab something before heading out on your day’s activities. Bed and Breakfasts in India

The Popularity Of B&Bs In Different Countries

Bed & breakfast hotels are relatively new to India, but their popularity is rising. According to Statistics Brain, 3% of all international tourists stayed at bed & breakfasts when traveling abroad in 2010. At first glance, that percentage seems rather low; however, keep in mind that it does not include any business or leisure travelers who chose a bed and breakfasts for their trip’s accommodation. Bed and Breakfasts in India

If we consider that many major cities are home to millions of visitors per year (New York City alone had almost 50 million visitors in 2015), it’s easy to see why B&Bs could prove popular. To find out more about bed & breakfasts around the world, check out our infographic below!

The Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts In The United States: A bed & breakfast hotel is an excellent choice for those looking to get away from it all without having to sacrifice amenities.

For example, you can expect most bed & breakfasts to have a complimentary full hot breakfast each morning as well as free WiFi throughout your stay. Many also offer complimentary access to laundry facilities and bicycles so you can explore nearby attractions on your own schedule.

The best part? Most bed and breakfasts cost less than staying at a hotel! To learn more about these unique accommodations, check out our list of America’s top 10 bed and breakfasts below! Bed and Breakfasts in India

Some Of The Most Popular Cities For B&Bs

B&Bs can be found all over India, but certain areas are more popular for them than others. The most popular cities for B&Bs include Udaipur, Jaipur, Cochin, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Each of these cities offers bed & breakfast accommodations that fall on a spectrum between super luxury and homey budget-friendly options.

You’ll have no problem finding a spot to relax your feet while getting to know a city like Udaipur, which is largely known as an area with B&Bs (the city even has its own Bed and Breakfasts Association). Or if you’re traveling with kids, consider booking into one of Delhi’s many kid-friendly B&Bs. Bed and Breakfasts in India

Reviews On Some Popular Places To Stay

Good planning is key to having a successful trip, so when it comes to choosing where to stay during your trip, carefully choose between a hotel or bed and breakfasts.

Consider both location and budget when making your choice. B&Bs can be better for both, as they often come with an assortment of amenities (like free Wi-Fi), are usually more centrally located, and often have lower prices than hotels. Here’s our list of 10 great bed & breakfasts around India.

Tourist Attractions Around These Locations

Delhi is an ancient city that has been constantly evolving through its long history. Many ruins of historical sites have been preserved or rebuilt for modern eyes, including Qutub Minar, Lal Quila (Red Fort), Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Mantar observatory, Akshardham Temple complex, Lotus Temple complex and Connaught Place.

Top tourist attractions include The Red Fort and Rajpath as well as Mahatma Gandhi Memorial at Rajghat. Delhi is located on a plateau at about 900 feet above sea level with several water bodies surrounding it.

There are also many parks which house over 1000 species of plants from around 200 countries including Rose Garden, Nehru Park and Kalkaji Temple Wildlife Sanctuary to name a few.

10 of the most beautiful Bed & Breakfasts in India

If you’re looking to visit India, but want to stay in an intimate setting rather than a huge hotel, then Bed & Breakfasts are the way to go. Here are 10 of the most beautiful Bed and Breakfasts in India, guaranteed to leave you feeling at home from your first step inside.

1) Aberuthven Bed & Breakfast, Scotland

Aberuthven Bed & Breakfast is a cosy hideaway, set amidst unspoilt countryside just two miles from Cupar. You’ll stay in one of two en-suite rooms, furnished with antiques and teddies, and dine with its hostess chef on home-cooked meals using local produce. From £45 per person per night.

2) The Great Escape, England

Located in St. Albans and only minutes from London, The Great Escape is a unique Bed & Breakfast experience where you can unwind after work or sightseeing. Each of their rooms are decorated differently with different themes, yet they all share one similarity: tea and coffee making facilities.

They also include free wireless Internet access so you can keep up to date on business. Their full English breakfast is made fresh every morning, and their staff strives to give you excellent service so your stay will be enjoyable!

3) Deccan Odyssey, Mahabaleshwar

This luxury adventure tour company takes you on a journey that encompasses some of Maharashtra’s most spectacular destinations, including Gokarna, Mahabaleshwar and Nashik. While staying at their Mahabaleshwar properties, guests enjoy gourmet cuisine and amenities like air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi access and private balconies overlooking serene views. Your journey culminates with an overnight stay at Panchgani.

4) Phool Chatti Heritage Retreat, Rajasthan

Phool Chatti Heritage Retreat, Rajasthan

Tucked away amidst a breathtaking natural landscape, Phool Chatti is one of Rajasthan’s hidden gems. This is perhaps one of India’s loveliest heritage B&Bs—an 18th-century family home that has been converted into a boutique getaway with all modern amenities and located in Jodhpur.

It also boasts of exquisite personalized service, amazing decor and rich history making it a perfect place to enjoy your holiday.

5) Peacock Hills, Shillong

Located at Umsning, Peacock Hills is situated on a hilltop among picturesque environs. It offers a panoramic view of East Khasi Hills and Shillong. Popular for its authentic Indian food, it also provides pick-up and drop facilities for guests who arrive by air or train.

Guests can also enjoy free internet access, yoga classes and Ayurvedic massages here. The bed & breakfast has three double rooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests each.

6) Daspalla Resort and Spa, Andhra Pradesh

Daspalla Resort and Spa, Andhra Pradesh

Located near a small village called Panasa in Andhra Pradesh, Daspalla Resort and Spa was constructed with a fascinating blend of Indian and Mediterranean architecture. The resort features 32 rooms equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, attached bathrooms, LCD televisions and more.

A visit to Daspalla is also an experience for one’s taste buds since it offers cuisines from North Indian, Chinese and Italian kitchens.

7) Le Touessrok Hotel, Mauritius

Le Touessrok Hotel, Mauritius

This holiday retreat is ideal for travellers looking to get away from it all. Located on one of Mauritius’ best beaches, you’ll feel like you have an entire island to yourself as you bask in its powdery white sand and crystal clear water.

Le Touessrok is a luxury hotel, so don’t expect any frills—all you need is included. If that sounds too relaxing for your liking, their spa has everything you need to let go and melt into paradise.

8) Lodhi Garden Retreat – A Luxury Home Away From Home, Delhi

Lodhi Garden Retreat is a stunning property, located in Delhi’s neighborhood of Lutyens’ Delhi. The resort-style home is situated on a beautifully landscaped property, and offers a variety of amenities such as access to an outdoor pool, high-speed Wi-Fi and even a billiards room.

The resort features four lavishly furnished bedrooms, each featuring an ensuite bathroom with rain showerhead and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ample natural light.

9) Strathdon Bed and Breakfast Cottages, Scotland

Strathdon Bed and Breakfast Cottages, Scotland

The Strathdon bed and breakfast cottages are set amidst a 5,000-acre country estate. They have gorgeous views of hills dotted with heather and a lake that attracts ducks and otters. The lovingly restored cottages here have their own sitting rooms, verandas with panoramic vistas, stylish bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Some units also come with cozy wood-burning fireplaces.

10) The Crow’s Nest House on St. Thomas Island, US Virgin Islands

Nestled on a cliff-top overlooking Paradise Bay, The Crow’s Nest House is one of St. Thomas Island’s first guesthouses. The house was built more than 200 years ago and has been welcoming guests since its inception.

Throughout its rich history, it’s changed hands many times but has never lost its quaint appeal. Current owners John and Donna Klein have done much to keep its local flavor while also providing all modern amenities.

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