Geritol, What Are the Benefits?

Whether you’re looking to improve your health or simply hoping to grow taller, there are many different supplements and vitamins on the market today that promise to help you in your quest. One of the most popular is Geritol, which promises to improve your energy levels, make you feel happier, help with your memory, and even make your skin look younger.

But does it work? What are the benefits of Geritol? In this article, we’ll explore what exactly this vitamin supplement does and doesn’t do for your body, so you can decide if it’s right for you.


one of those things you’ve been hearing about since grade school, and when you were little it sounded pretty cool. So what exactly is Geritol anyway? We can help explain what Geritol does for your body. For starters, it’s not a new energy drink or supplement – Geritol is an iron-vitamin supplement that contains 27% elemental iron.

The brand was originally developed by a doctor in 1939 to treat anemia and tired blood. Today, there are six different varieties including Original (the original formula), Men’s Herbal Iron Supplement, Men’s Vitamin C + Iron Supplement and Vitamins B6 + B12 Supplement.

Geritol Side Effects

While Geritol is generally safe for most people, it may still cause unwanted side effects for some. Most common Geritol side effects include nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. It’s important to note that these adverse reactions can be reduced by taking smaller doses than are recommended on the bottle and consulting with your doctor beforehand.

Also, people who take anti-diabetes drugs such as metformin should use caution when using supplements like Geritol because both increase insulin levels in your body. If you have been prescribed a dose of metformin that has made you ill or dizzy in any way you should consult with your doctor before adding another drug to your routine.

Where to Buy Geritol

If you’re looking to buy Geritol online or in a local store, be sure that you pick up only Geritol brand supplements. While there are knock-off products on the market with similar names (i.e., geritinol) that contain little or no iron, it’s a pretty easy thing to check for since all of our products come with both Geritol® and Feosol® Iron printed right on them.

That said, if you still aren’t convinced that what you have is Geritol brand and not a knock-off product then call us before taking it and we can help identify it as ours. We want you to be safe while also getting all of our proven benefits!

Is Geritol really good for you?

According to Geritol’s official website, more than 150 million people worldwide have used Geritol products over its 50-year history. However, as Dr. Lawrence Shames notes in his book The Natural Guide to Anti-Aging Medicine, there is no scientific evidence that shows Geritol or any other nutrient supplement provides any health benefits for adults.

In fact, studies show that taking excessive amounts of certain nutrients can actually be harmful for your health. As a result of these facts and others regarding Geritol’s marketing practices and misleading advertising claims, consumer watchdog groups such as Quackwatch recommend avoiding all supplemental nutrition products from well-known companies such as Geritol.

Why was Geritol taken off the market?

In 1992, Geritol was pulled from store shelves after regulators found that it contained 1/10th of a grain of arsenic per dose. The FDA also found evidence that Geritol’s manufacturers had been aware of these findings for five years prior to pulling it from shelves and had done nothing to change their formula or alert consumers.

Geritol Benefits Hair

If you are looking for a natural way to add body and bounce to your hair, then Geritol is a good choice. One of Geritol’s most popular benefits is that it can strengthen brittle hair and give it more shine. It also has high levels of iron which will increase circulation in your scalp leading to stronger follicles. This stronger base can help prevent dry scalp and lice.

The high amount of potassium in Geritol will aid in nerve communication with your scalp and nerves throughout your body as well, helping ease headaches or migraines caused by stress or poor circulation.

Which is better geritol pills or liquid

The best way to take Geritol depends on how you want to benefit from it. The liquid version is designed for people who would rather not swallow pills, while tablet form is often easier to use and carry around with you when traveling.

Both products are helpful in reversing poor iron absorption, however. Check with your doctor or a nutritionist before making any changes in your diet or supplement routine—and don’t expect results overnight! You may need to try different dosage levels of either type of product before finding what works best for you.


There are many options for vitamins out there that promise to do all sorts of great things. I like Geritol vitamins because they include multiple vitamin types in one pill and are super-cheap. To get your dose of vitamins, get a bottle of Geritol vitamins and start feeling healthier today!

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