Best 10 Healthy Foods of India

Hi Guys! most welcome of you in particular post today we are going to discuss about best healthy foods of India. Let’s start it
you do very hard work for increase your brain power but your looks very important as this means how do you look like it is very important. I recommended to you for read this full article because I am going to tell top important foods which that will make you beautiful and glow of you face will increase very fast.
Although you know until now not any scientist formula which control your age but you can slow of your age increase process. If you starting foods which I am going to tell you then you may look adult at least 15 year that will happen eat it. Healthy Foods of India


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India

Yogurt is the best source of protein and calcium. Protein helped to make & repair your muscles while calcium helped to strengthen your bones. In yogurt presences many bacteria which are strong & maintain your digestive system.
So the story goes that all illnesses create in our stomach mean your digestive system so well and your food digest so well then you can’t have an illness. So eat yogurt and never forgot. Healthy Foods of India


Papaya is the best healthy food of India it is grown in tropical regions in the world, and it is more healthy and nutritive papaya consume on a large scale in India. If tell about the benefits of papaya there are many benefits of papaya

  • Prevent from diabetes
  • Control from heart disease
  • Prevent from cancer
  • Control blood pressure

In papaya found many vitamins and minerals such as carbohydrates, vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber, protein, sugar, and fats.

If you become always healthy then add papaya fruit to your daily diet plan.


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
carrots are best healthy foods of India

Carrot is the best source of vitamin A. Vitamin A most important for your eye. carrot will never be defective in your eye if your eye is defective then the carrot can help to back up of brightness of your eye.

Carrots are most beneficial for your retina (A part of your eye) so when people eat regular carrots their eye brightness is never less. Carrot is also so beneficial for your teeth. For example cavity, pain, decay, or any problems of teeth carrot is so important for your health.

Carrots makes beautiful of your skin. I tell you your brain benefits then carrot improves your understanding power five to ten times if you regularly eat of carrot. Healthy Foods of India


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
Orange juice. Fresh fruit and splashes. 3d realism, vector icon set

Orange is so good for your blood circulation means orange helps blood to reach well everywhere, whereby our internal organs perform a proper function.

Orange is so good for your heart, nowadays someone gets heart problem if you eat of orange then you can forget heart problem, your heart will always healthy.
any problem of your skin as pimples wrinkles all of these orange reduced.


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
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Tomatoes have many vitamins such as vitamin a and vitamin c these vitamin gets brightness to our skin whereby our skin begins to glow. Mainly vitamin sharps of our eye, it comes to your skin then I am going to tell secret fact of your skin, in the market available any anti agents product which reduces of your life progress (age barrier) in all anti agents are the use of tomato in large scale.

Approximate in all creams use of tomato and chemical mixture in large amount, if you use of regular tomato in your diet then your skin will always healthy and glowing.


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India

Spinach is also called palak sag, spinach most popular and healthy foods of India, Palak sag is very useful for health and their many good benefits.
Spinach is the world’s healthy food, palak sag is very useful for our eyes such as carrots, and vitamin k is available too much in spinach which makes our bones strong. Many people struggle to control high blood pressure but spinach control high blood pressure in human.

Heart problem like high blood pressure is very dangerous for health but spinach prevents these because spinach contains zinc and magnesium ion which reduce the tension in the body, make a strong immune system reduce pimple, and help in deep sleep.


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
bananas on wood table.

Banana is the best healthy foods of India. banana is easy affordable, always available in the Indian market, very versatile, and highly nutritious. Banana contains Vitamin B6, fiber, potassium, calcium, and vitamin c. Banana is natural prebiotic healthy food of India which are most beneficial for health. Many benefits of bananas are following –

  • Bananas improve gut health, and effective all digestive related problem
  • Banana helps in constipation
  • Banana helps in loose motion

Banana contains plant sterol that reduces cholesterol actually banana has fat-burning properties. According to Ayurveda, you can use bananas for weight loss and weight gain. If you use bananas and black pepper on an empty stomach for breakfast you can weight loss easy and fast, if you want weight gain then you can eat bananas other than morning.


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
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Coconut is highly regarded in Indian culture and coconut top healthy food in India. Coconut is a superfood for the body & mind. This is the reason it was broken before any important project started in India. Coconut helps in heart health, energy giving, and fat burning, and is stomach friendly.

Coconut contains a medium chain of fatty acids which is similar to that found in mother’s milk. Tender coconut malai is a medicine for stomach problems, Ripe coconut makes the curries heart friendly and dry coconut used in chutneys and sweets to make them more satiating.

Coconut oil is heart healthy it is a staple in Kerala and other parts of south India. 5000 studies claim coconut oil to be the healthiest special type of fat.
Coconut oil is highly versatile and many health benefits of coconut oil

  • It used in cooking and frying
  • Makeup remover
  • Moisturiser and Sunscreen
  • Lip balm


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
Fresh indian gooseberry on white background

Amla or Indian gooseberry used in ayurveda and other asia medicinal practices for thousand of year. Amla sanskrit nicknames are

  • Mother
  • Nurse
  • Immortality
  • Nectar

Amla was always a part of the Indian diet for a reason even if it is not the peak amla season. Number one immunity booster on the earth planet this is the reason it was always kept in Indian diet. did you know without the best immunity any fitness goal will be never archive, it should always be a part of your diet? Amla is the best healthy foods of India and there are many benefits of amla –

  • High vitamin c
  • Medicine for eye
  • Any reproductive issue
  • All digestion problems
  • Anti-microbial properties

you can use boiled amla serves as a pickle with meals. Amla powerful anti-aging food for all aging symptoms, amla is effective. Aging any symptoms like dull skin, wrinkles, grey hair, hair fall, and dark circles, amla is useful. Amla juice on hair from root to tip stops hair fall and greying hair


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India

Desi almond is the best healthy foods of India because our body can absorb nutrients from local food better it is a highly nutritious food there are many benefits of desi almond like

  • Higher in nutrition
  • We absorb them better
  • For skin and hair glow
  • Brain and heart tonic
  • Suits all body types

If you want full benefits of desi almonds then soak 4 to 5 almonds overnight and consume them after peeling off the skin. Any digestion issues or want to gain muscle mass then you massage using 100% badam Rogan oil, want glowing skin massage the belly button using 100% badam Rogan oil. Buy desi badam oil from the local Kirana store.


Best 9 Healthy Foods of India
Snack cucumber over white background

Small, flavorful cucumbers are a common addition to many Indian street foods, including sandwiches, which may be hot or cold. Like any cucumber-based dish, these offerings are great for cooling off during hot days. Pickles: Popular across India, pickles (and chutneys) are a delicious way to add bursts of flavor and texture to any meal.

Sourced from various fruits and vegetables (from carrots and mangoes), these savory condiments are typically served alongside grilled meats and rice dishes. Samosas: These triangular pastries can be enjoyed anytime throughout all regions of India.

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