Olive oil good for hair | It’s benefits

Olive oils are rich in powerful antioxidants and nutrients hence providing nutrients to help develop and maintain the body cell. Olive oil is more beneficial for health and hair if tell about the health benefits of olive oil it helps in weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels, and Olive oil good for hair, etc. If tell about hair benefits of olive oil it contains vitamin E. Vitamin E is more beneficial for hair it helps to keep hair strong and smooth and control hair fall. So I recommend olive oil to be added to your daily diet plan this is best for your health.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a type of healthy fat that is gained from olive plants, olive plants grow or farm in Mediterranean countries like India, Cyprus, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Italy, and France.

Olive oil is extracted by the help of a machine from the olive plant, when oil extracts in the meantime we get two types of oil, One is virgin olive oil and second extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil is impure form and extra virgin olive oil is pure form because herein nutrients and antioxidants are fully packed so we must use extra virgin olive oil from food form to massage form. Wherever go to market buy only extra virgin olive oil it is best for your health

Special Feature of Olive oil

Then now I tell you one of the famous features of olive oil that are
This heat resistance means it remains in a liquid state at normal temperature
Olive oil is unsaturated fat

Types of olive oil

olive oil follows two type

  1. Virgin Olive oil – This is an impure form of olive oil. Not present sufficient nutrients and antioxidants in this type of olive oil.
  2. Extra Olive oil – This is pure form olive oil. Present sufficient nutrients and antioxidants in this type of olive oil as Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best healthy, more beneficial oil and Olive oil is good for hair which is used for food and external use like hair oil. So if want takes the benefits of olive oil then start to add to your daily diet plan this helps to better your life span. Many benefits of olive oil for health as

  • Keep hair healthy – Olive oil good for hair
  • Reduce body weight
  • Reduce risk of cancer
  • Reduce heart disease
  • Control blood sugar level
  • Helps in arthritis
  • Boost immunity

Olive oil good for hair

Olive oil is a best type of oil for hair this oil keep healthy of hair because vitamin E present sufficient in this oil so if you want long and smooth hair then apply of this oil on the hair. If tell about vitamins and minerals in olive oil are found as

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidants
  • Folic Acid and Omega 9 fatty acid
  • Iron

If tell about benefits of olive oil are many if you are want care hair then go market and buy a best olive oil and daily apply on the hair, In very short time will seen result better. This oil can be used to apply on hair and food form mean edible like. This olive oil remains always in liquid state due to present heat resistance property it is special feature of this olive oil this is temperature resistance oil. Olive oil good for hair as

  • Olive oil keep hair healthy
  • Olive oil control hair fall
  • Olive oil keep strong hair
  • Improve hair growth

So per day use this oil in hair it keep your hair healthy because vitamin E and antioxidant present in Olive oil good for hair.

Help in weight loss

If you are overweight and want loss weight then start eat with your daily diet foods. Olive oil help to weight loss due olive oil is a unsaturated (monosaturated) fat.

Help in heart disease

Heart related problem today found in many of cases if you have heart problem then start eat olive oil and add olive olive in daily diet food it will keep heart healthy.
Olive oil help to lower bad Cholesterol and in turn decrease the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Reduce risk of caner

Olive oil helps to lowers the chances of cancer due to present unsaturated fat that reduce risk of cancer so add olive oil should be add in diet plan, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin E present sufficient amount in olive oil it help to reduce cancer risk. According to some expert olive oil prevent from intestinal cancer.

Control blood sugar level

Olive oil help to control blood sugar level and present from diabetes because unsaturated fat present in large quantity in olive oil it present from diabetes and quantity of saturated fats is less in olive oil.

Helps in arthritis

Olive oil keeps bone strong and dense due to present of calcium in sufficient amount. Anybody have problem of bone related then I recommended add olive oil in daily diet plan. Additional olive oil boost immunity.


Olive is s best type of oil which are many benefits so according to me add this oil in your daily diet food plan it keep you disease free and healthy. Benefits as Olive oil good for hair, boost immunity power of body and prevent from diabetes.

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