Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews and How to Choose Best In 2022

How would you like to have white teeth? What if I told you that you could have whiter teeth without painful and expensive dental treatments? This page will outline what you need to know about teeth whitening kits and give you reviews of the best kits on the market today. Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

Is teeth whitening right for me? How do teeth whitening kits work? What are the best brands? What should I look for when choosing a kit? How much does it cost to buy a kit, including shipping and handling?

Tips on how to choose a teeth whitening kit

Before you buy a teeth whitening kit, there are some factors that you should take into consideration. Not every whitener is suitable for everyone, and certain items may be more effective for some than others.

For example, if you have sensitive teeth then you’ll need to find a whitener that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals as these can make your teeth even more sensitive. Similarly, if you’re looking to whiten your teeth in just one application then you should find an at-home kit with a high concentration of peroxide (try 15%). If sensitivity isn’t an issue for you then try going for something with just 10% peroxide.

Best benefits of using teeth whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits can be used to achieve healthy and beautiful looking teeth in no time. They contain all of the necessary tools that you need in order to effectively and quickly achieve whiter teeth without having to get invasive dental work done.

With a teeth whitening kit, you can turn your dull and lackluster teeth into bright white teeth in a matter of days. You’ll instantly look younger and healthier, which will give you more confidence when interacting with others or just smiling for photos.

Advantages of using teeth whitening kits vs. in-office treatments

You get to decide when, where and how often you whiten your teeth. You can even do it in your hotel room while traveling on business or on vacation. With at-home teeth whitening kits, you don’t have to find time for an office visit.

In addition, most over-the-counter teeth whiteners are much less expensive than dental procedures performed by a dentist. Even if you opt for a professional treatment performed in an office, you could save hundreds of dollars compared with getting whiter teeth at a dentist’s office. Most importantly, using an at-home kit gives your wallet — and your smile — a break from expenses associated with both dental treatments and many commercial whiteners.

Different types of teeth whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits vary in price and quality, and range from over-the-counter trays to professional treatments. Depending on your budget, you can choose a teeth whitening kit that’s best for you.

In general, as with any skincare product, more expensive does not necessarily mean better. It’s worth spending time researching online before making a decision about which is right for you; customer reviews are useful in understanding how other people have found it to work for them. Here are some different types of teeth whitening kits you might come across

Types of ingredients used in making teeth whitening kits

The teeth whitening industry is booming and a lot of companies are taking advantage of it by selling cheap home kits. One company claims that its home teeth whitening kit is different because it uses a unique ingredient called Activated Coconut Charcoal.

In fact, a quick Google search shows that at least six other companies also use activated coconut charcoal in their products—except they call it something else. It’s possible that each one is unique, but you can’t tell from reading their marketing copy on Amazon (the same goes for all other ingredients found in teeth whitening kits). So before you buy, read reviews to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with your product—and whether or not those ingredients are actually effective at delivering results.

Ingredients in popular branded toothpastes

There are many ingredients in various toothpastes that can give you whiter teeth. Some of these ingredients include: Triclosan, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), titanium dioxide, and fluoride.

Be sure to choose a whitening toothpaste with at least one of these as an ingredient. You can even use a mixture of products such as Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste, Rembrandt Whitestrips Supreme Advanced Vivid Mint Whitestrips and Listerine Total Care Maximum Strength With Antiplaque & Fresh Mint Antiseptic to have really white teeth; just remember to brush your teeth using only water after using any whitening product. The active ingredient in some whiteners is hydrogen peroxide.

Ingredients in popular generic brands of toothpaste

Here are some popular brands of toothpaste that you can check to see if there’s a health issue with your teeth whitening. You might be surprised by how many of these ingredients are actually linked to having an increased risk for gum disease, cavities, and even having teeth fall out!

This is true both in children and adults, but since they have been using these toothpastes for years before any problems have surfaced, most people don’t even know there’s anything wrong with them. The more you know about your health risks, the more you can do to protect yourself and your family.


While getting professional whitening done can be pricey, you do have a few other options available to you. If you are looking for an affordable way to get your teeth whiter, it is definitely worth your time to try out a teeth whitening kit.

These kits have been proven by many customers and dentists alike to really help lighten up those bright whites. Since they’re super affordable and easy to use, we suggest giving one a try if you’re looking for something other than traditional methods of teeth whitening. (read more)

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