Amazing health benefits of papaya leaves when you eat this daily

Papaya leaves are more useful to health, uses of papaya leaves in different types of pathological treatment

1. Papaya leaves used in treatment of dengue patients, Leaves are helps  control  platelet count down or prevent of platelet

2. Papaya leaves improve digestive system because leaves of papaya contains more fiber which improve digestive system and prevent digestion related disease like constipation

3. Papaya leaves contains a  high amount of antioxidant which are helps   to prevent of hair fall and hair control and keep your hair healthy ea even when  you eat papaya leaves everyday

4. Papaya leaves contains antioxidants and blood lowering property which helps to prevent from type 1 and type 2 diabetes

5. Papaya leaves good for liver because when you eat papaya or its juice  that remove all toxin and  impurities from the liver and and it is also prevent from chronic disease like cancer

6. Papaya leaves are good for weight loss if you are over weight and want weight loss then start eating papaya leaves or its juice it will helps in weight loss

7. Papaya leaves contains  anti-inflammatory property, papaya leaves different nutrients and antioxidants such as papain, flavonoids, and vitamin E prevent from iinflammation of the body