Covid and Its Potential Effects on Dental Health 


More ACE2 receptors are typically found in people who already have dental issues. increasing the likelihood of contracting COVID 19.

Dental issues - during and after a contagious infection

Dry Mouth

Lack of saliva to maintain mouth moisture is referred to as xerostomia. As a result, breaking down food particles becomes challenging.

Oral Ulcers

The body's immune system is severely impacted by COVID 19 and is left vulnerable to various illnesses. Few COVID 19 patients discovered oral ulcers, such as a white area on the tongue and gums.

Tooth Pain 

Despite not being a specific symptom of COVID 19, can be felt as a result of teeth grinding brought on by stress related to COVID 19.

Fungal infection on mouth

Black fungus and oral thrush are opportunistic illnesses that can strike someone who has a weakened immune system and poor dental hygiene.


Gingivitis also know gum inflammation, often known as red, swollen, and bleeding gums after brushing, are some of the symptoms.

How to keep teeth healthy?

1. brush after meals

2. Keep your toothbrush clean from  germs

3. Avoid starchy foods and drinks 

4. Avoid energy drinks as the high acidity