High in Nutrition

Dates are high rich in fibre and carbs, this dry well healthy to health Nutritional Value per 100g of dates: Calories – 270-310 Protein – 5.1 g  Total Fat – 0.4 g Potassium – 656 mg Carbohydrates – 75 g 

Reduces Risk of Cancer

 D-glucan compound present in dates that function anti-tumor activities

Prevent Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory property found in date  Dates boost immunity  

Weight Gain

If you want weight gain then dates add in your diet plan  Dates helps for weight gain

Prevent Hair Loss

Date are rich in iron that promote hair growth and  keep hair strong always

Boost Energy

Dates contains many nutritive elements like glucose, sucrose and fructose that provide energy to health

Skin Health

Dates contain vitamin c that help to keep skin healthy and beautiful