Amazing health benefits of eating guava leaves  everyday

Are you know leaves of guava are more beneficial to health , today  we will learn benefits of guava leaves

1. Many research proved that the leaves of guava helps in  control cholesteroll

2. Guava leaves are good for weight loss  these leave broke down carbs in useful compound

3. Guava leaves are food for diabetes  because guava leaves contains more antioxidants and fiber which are helps to control of blood sugar level of body

4, Guava leaves are food for digestion, guava leaves contains antibacterial property  which are helps to kill harmful bacteria present in  your gut

5. Guava leaves are good for anti aging,  if you eat daily leaves of guava it is helps to remove free radical and protect your skin

6. Guava leaves increase rate of fertility when you eat leaves of guava daily it will increase rate of sperm count

Guava leaves help in control of hair loss, when  you dried guava eaves made paste and  apply in your hair it will control  hair fall