best healthy snacks for weight loss

 these 10 healthy snacks helps to weight loss

 Low-fat cheese

In low fat cheese contains calcium, fiber and protein and quantity of fat is less than high fat cheese

boiled eggs

If you like eat the eggs, want weight loss then you can eat eggs before remove yolk(central yellow part of egg) it is help in weight control


Dates are sweet in taste they are contain high fiber and well antioxidant property present that help keep healthy


Grapes are a great source of hydration and fiber


Yogurt is best snacks you can add this breakfast, in yogurt more nutritive snacks in which fiber and protein present in well amount so eat yogurt daily that help in weight loss


Oatmeal are high in protein and fiber helps you keep healthy

Green brocoli  is the good source of vitamin  k and fiber it can help in gut disease



Spinach leafy green that is high in vitamins like vitamin C, K and folate