Between 8 and 14 August, the city recorded 194 cases of malaria, 58 cases of swine flu and 46 cases of dengue fever

swine flu and malaria in Mumbai

Swine flu, or influenza, is a respiratory viral disease caused by the H1N1 variant of the influenza virus

Influenza Spread by air or droplets, or through contaminated surfaces

Malaria cases are on the rise during the monsoons as there is stagnant water everywhere and breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Jibhkate, Critical Care Specialist and Director of Intensive Care Units at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, explains why cases of infectious diseases have spiked in Mumbai

Influenza and Malaria infected men becomes weak immunity

Mumbai is a densely populated city, with many people commuting via congested public transport. May not be wearing a mask all the time. That may be the reason for the rising number of cases in Mumbai

To prevent swine flu, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and eat a balanced diet