U.S. confirms nearly 15,000 monkeypox cases

In 19 August LOS ANGELES confirms about 15,000 monkeypox cases according to  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

United States has the world's highest tally of monkeypox cases

New York had the most cases, with 2744, followed by California with 2,663 and Florida with 1372.

total of 14,115 known monkeypox cases had been reported nationwide as of Thursday, CDC data showed

One hundred days after the monkeypox outbreak was first detected in Europe, no country has more cases than the United States

 Biden administration has been facing criticism in its response to the monkeypox outbreak

public health experts warning the virus is on the verge of becoming permanently entrenched here, said a report of The Washington Post. Enditem

Enough vaccines and speed treatments and make tests available to head off the outbreak.