What happens if you eat the skin of a kiwi?

In this story i will tell you what  happens if you eat the skin of a kiwi fruit , benefits of eating kiwi skin

The skin of kiwi contains more beneficial compound like flavonoids, insoluble fibers, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory

If you eat skin of kiwi it helps to prevent cardiovascular disease like cancer


Skin of kiwi fruit helps in diabetes and control sugar level of body because peel of kiwi  contains fiber

Peel of kiwi contains more vitamins C and E which help in improve immune system and skin

Kiwi peel contains more antioxidants  which helps for slow down of aging and fight  disease

The amount of  folate is so much  in kiwi peel so peel of kiwi is more beneficial for pregnant women it helps to make new nerve cell and red blood cells

Kiwi peel  not contains more calories so kiwi peel helps in weight loss when you eat kiwi peel daily